Our activities


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Health care professionals trained

Our health care professional training programs are designed to equip health professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide high-quality care to patients with diabetes and other non-communicable diseases. Our training programs cover a wide range of topics, including disease management, treatment options, prevention strategies, and patient education. We use a combination of online and in-person training methods to ensure that our programs are accessible to all health care professionals, regardless of their location or schedule. Our goal is to improve the overall quality of care for patients with diabetes and other non-communicable diseases through the education and training of health care professionals.


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Number of People Screened

Screening is a crucial aspect of preventive healthcare. It involves the use of tests, examinations, or other methods to detect a disease or condition in individuals who may not show any symptoms yet. By screening for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and hypertension, early detection can lead to early treatment and better health outcomes. Screening is an essential tool for reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases and improving the quality of life for individuals.


Improving Access and quality of care

We helped develop a Diabetes care network through the creation of diabetes care units and the strengthening of care capacities including the training of health care professionals throughout the country

Advocacy & Awareness

The celebration of World Diabetes Day 2022 was done with the support of members of the Conseil National de Transition in Conakry’s Palais du Peuple where the parliament is, as well as throughout the country where awareness and screening campaigns were organised. (photos)